UberX vs UberXL by number of people or level of comfort

Taking UberX allows you to request a ride that will fit a minimum of 4 passengers in addition to the driver. However, sometimes, it’s just nice to get a little bit more space if you have the extra money. Rather than splurging on UberBlack or UberSUV, which are both great service but have a price tag along with it, you may find it more appealing to request UberXL for a more spacious ride even if it’s just you or you and another person.


I’ve driven dozens of people in my Dodge Grand Caravan who’ve requested UberXL just to have more space. Even more 4-person only rides of XL because stuffing 3 of the 4 people into the back seat of a smaller-sized sedan doesn’t work out so well to keep people comfortable.

If you request an UberXL ride inadvertently and you didn’t mean to, it is not your driver’s job to know, just because it’s only you, that you really meant to just request UberX. It is assumed by drivers that you wanted to have the next notch up of service all to yourself.

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