Transportation of Alcohol

Transporting alcohol in most states is only legal by means of a closed container. You may not enter a vehicle with an open container. Though, there are those of you who are out there that will try.

I don’t understand this. What I don’t understand more is the level of intensity of anger the rider or more likely group of riders in this case gets to because the driver asks them not to bring in open containers.

You know it is illegal. You know the driver would be putting their career on the line… just for you to have a ride with drinks in your hand?

Please respect the driver and their livelihood and don’t even ask to take open alcohol containers into the vehicle. You’re more at risk for having those spill anyways and your driver will have no problem gathering pictures of your beverage spill, submitting it to Uber, and waiting on them to decide on a cleaning fee in order to prevent dried up alcohol smell in the car.

You’re risking it for everyone involved. Don’t do it.

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