Surge Price vs. Taxi Cost

Surges go up. Price of Uber rides goes up. In the city of Boston, the rates of taxis are lower for rides more than a mile when the surge ends up over 2.2x. If you’re near a taxi stand and it’s easy to grab one, by all means, help us out and grab a taxi. There’s no need to crazily over spend. Taxis are never going to go away. They’ll always be around, however, just not dominating. That is why Uber also has UberTaxi in major cities so that you can request a taxi right through the app. The surge is not applied to the taxi fee (Though I have no source for that, so correct me if I’m wrong) and therefore may be beneficial to you this time around.


I did try to get a taxi in a rainy mess one rush hour evening for 45 minutes because the Uber surge in my area was at 3.6. Insanity! NEVER goes that high! My Uber driver was 40 minutes away! (Really? On the app? No, there was an accident on one of the main roadways causing loads of traffic which he had to sit in it get to me.) So I tried to get a taxi. 20 minutes of running around in the rain trying to get a taxi. So ridiculous! So I folded…. Went to grab some food, waited 45 minutes and returned fired up that the surge was now a mere 1.3.


It CAN be worth the effort to go grab a taxi, but even with the cost difference at about 2.2x+ being cheaper for a taxi, it is still worth getting an Uber just for the ease of use and safer way to request a ride.

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