Smoking in Uber Vehicles

Smoking in a driver’s vehicle, whether enforced by Uber policy or not, should be absolutely forbidden. Here in Massachusetts, we have the 4th lowest percentage of smokers in the country at 16.3%. That means that 84% of all other riders we take don’t smoke, can’t smoke, have an allergy to that smoke, or just cannot stand the smell.

As a smoker, I’m sure you’re aware, but if you’re not, everyone else is definitely aware, that the smell of cigarette smoke sticks to everything and is quite potent. One rider smoking in the car will definitely affect the next several rides no matter how much you try to keep the smoke out the window.

Drivers are not willing to risk low ratings by several riders in a row being privileged to the odor of nicotine in the air. However, in more suburb/rural areas, they will potentially fold and accept the smoker-ride because they could be 10-15 minutes away from another ride coming their way at that time of day.

Leave the habit out of the car. And you really don’t have to be a jerk to “stick it to’em” by sucking in your last drag, getting in the car and then pretending to get it to blow out of the car. You’re looking at getting yourself a 1-star no matter what you end up doing along the rest of the ride.

Top drivers spend a lot of time making their vehicles are taken care of, clean, and odor-neutral. There is no reason they should feel the need for their rating to be affected because they have to say no you smoking in the car. As a rider asking this question, you should expect your ride to be cancelled on the spot and your driver to drive off.

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