Entering Your Location Accurately

Entering your location accurately is the only way the driver will be able to find you without having to call you. There are 3 ways to enter in your location and your destination:

  1. Pin Drop Tool: Accuracy: low. (Pickup Location Only)
    • The Pin Drop tool is a very good way to get an estimate of where you are. However, the reliability of the accuracy is limited due to the need for the rider to really pay attention to which street the tip of the pin is actually pointing to. Many people seem to put the head of the pin at their location rather than the tip itself. Which, in a dense array of streets like Boston, could put your driver a few blocks and up to 10 minutes away due to all of the one ways.
  2. Entering in the address: Accuracy: Medium-high
    • Putting in the address manually is the most common way to get your location and destination to the driver. In residential areas, this is the only option. The occasional problem with this is that there are several different cities and towns that have the exact same street names. You must pay attention to which city is showing up when you select the street name in the search results. To be most accurate with this method, you should start typing out the city name as well before selecting the address from the search results.
  3. Entering in the name of the place: Accuracy: High.
    • When you enter the name of the place you’re at, the GPS coordinates of the location are used from the information database rather than the mailing address. Here is an example of accuracy. Say you want to go to Uno Pizzeria & Grill on Boylston St in Boston. You decide to put in a little extra effort and go find the address for of Uno’s in an attempt to be helpful and accurate. Here’s what happens when you enter in the address:Rider - Entering your location - Pic 1Notice that the pin location is closer to Public Alley 441 than it is to Boylston St? Here’s what happens: your driver is given a set of directions to get as close to that pin as possible.  That means, up Exeter St and then they’re directed to drop you off on Public Alley 441. This is a problem because the driver knows you don’t want to be dropped off there. Now, the next choice is to either get dropped off at the corner of Boylston and Exeter and hoof it to Uno’s or have the driver navigate all the way around the next block. Either way, you’re not going to be thrilled and will not want to give the driver 5 stars. All the while, this could have been avoided by using the name of the location instead of the address.
    • Here’s what it looks like when you enter in the name instead:
      Rider - Entering your location - Pic 2
      Notice that the location is more accurately closer to Boylston St. So instead, the driver will receive directions to get you right to the front door of that location. And everyone will be much happier!

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