Being a 5-star Rider

There’s a decent percentage of the Uber-rider community that is unaware that the drivers actually rate the riders as well. I have personally ridden with drivers who tell me they give all riders 5 stars. “Woah, wait a minute… WHY?!”

If you want to give every rider 5 stars, then sure… go for it. But that is not helping the general population with improving the efficiency of using Uber. There are several effects on the pricing of Uber rides based on low-score riders.

A typical less-than-5-star rating would be given when a rider makes the driver wait for several minutes. When a driver is waiting, that’s causing the entire amount of time that driver is taken up to be extended. This causes surge pricing to happen when it’s multiplied by several riders in a dense area.

When you’ve requested a ride, you should be prepared to be ready within a minute of requesting. Once the rider is on his way, you should drop off about 25% of the minutes for the estimated time of arrival. If they’re 12 minutes away, expect them there in 9 minutes. This is due to the worst-case routing estimate by Uber’s GPS. However, a large majority of drivers use Waze or Google Maps which routes a with a slightly better estimated arrival time.

There are many other factors to being a 5-star rider, many of which are covered in other training links. One of the more common lower-score ratings comes from using UberPOOL and whining about picking up other riders or asking your rider not to pick up other riders on the way. This is 100% no allowed and all riders must understand that UberPOOL isn’t cheap for you because Uber is giving you a deal… it’s cheap for you because they’re algorithmically placing you on routes with other riders. Changing pickup and drop-off locations is not allowed, nor are stops on the way.

You can learn more about using UberPOOL here.

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