Ride with Uber

Why ride with Uber over all of the other services out there?

They have the best, most responsive, customer service out of all of them.

Here’s a short list of Uber’s competitors in the Boston area: Lyft, Sidecar, and Fasten.

  • Lyft has almost zero infrastructure for support and usually takes days to get back to people for issues reported at which point they have almost forgotten about the issue… and have most likely forgotten about Lyft.
  • Sidecar… What’s Sidecar?  Like a ride-sharing service gone take-out?  They’re seemingly behind on the rider style service and have turned over to becoming a cheap courier service.  Which does seem pretty interesting.  There really isn’t a lot to be made here for the drivers.  But guess what!  You don’t have to drive people, per se!
  • Fasten – The company out to make it big just $1 at a time.  No idea how that’s going to happen.  Uber has attorneys upon attoryneys… support staff on top of support staff… And Uber takes 20% to cover their overhead for the best possible customer service.  One lawsuit against Fasten… they’re toast.  At this time, I can’t see this making it too far for too long.  Though it IS appealing for the drivers.  But to get the rider base that Uber has… might be a bit too late.

With Uber, you can email them about any problem from any ride, as the driver or rider, and they usually get back to you in less than an hour.  If they deem the situation something to be severe, then they will ask for the best time and phone number to reach you to discuss the incident.

Uber is also global.  Any rider can go to several different countries and use their same Uber app without any currency conversion at all.