Promotional Offer to Drive!

You’ve made it!  Thanks for your interest in wanting to drive for Uber.  As you’re aware, based on the promotional materials either in your hand or accessed through interaction with myself or my correlations around the internet, you’re looking at a $150 bonus to sign up and drive with Uber!

I’ll get right to it.  Once you sign up and the background check is complete and your account has been activated for driving, you’ll only need to complete 5, yes just FIVE rides for your $100 Visa gift card to be activated?  Don’t have a Visa gift card in hand?  Don’t worry!  Since you’re here, you also get access to my special contact form on which you can fill out your contact information and I will mail it to you free of charge.

“What about the other $50?” OH! Right, almost forgot!  … No, I didn’t really forget.  The additional $50 will be in your paycheck from Uber in the paycheck following the week that you completed your 20th ride.  Most people have been getting their 20th ride on Day 2 of driving, so it usually ends up in their first pay check.

The contact form to request a $100 Visa gift card can be found here.

To sign up to become a driver for Uber, please visit the following link: Uber’s Uber-Cowboy Link

You MUST sign up with the link above.  If you do not, you will not be added to the promotional campaign that activates one of these cards for your account.

“Do I have to have the Visa card in hand before signing up with Uber?” Absolutely not!  You can sign up right now and I’ll take care of the gift card mailing after you fill out that contact form in the link above.  It’s far higher of a priority to get your account rolling for Uber than it is to wait on the gift card to come to you.  The reason is that it will take several days for the background check to process for your account.  In that time, I can get the gift card to you well before you’re ready to take your 5 rides.

“So you send me a card and we’re done?” Not at all.  My goal is to help you glide right into become an Uber driver and jump ahead of the rest of the pack.  I’ll be helping you out through your first 50 rides with becoming one of the most efficient and safe Uber drivers on the road while learning the best money making secrets most drivers DO NOT want you to know.  (Gosh, I sound like one of those stupid internet “Click Me! Click Me!” ads.  Aaaanyways…)  It’s a lot to learn to try to figure it all out on your own.  I’m here to guide you through that process.

“Can you guarantee that I will make millions?” Can you guarantee that you’ll give me half if you did?  There’s no guarantee with making boat loads of money with Uber.  However, you are at your leisure to really be your own boss and make it work for you.  I make quite a bit of money as a driver… To the point where I’ll probably never stop.  I am a senior network engineer for a highly-rated IT consulting company in Boston and there are some weeks that I make more as an Uber driver.  Doesn’t always happen to work out that way because I do all sorts of different hours.