My name is Paul and I am the Uber Cowboy.

I drive in Boston and make sure that I NEVER leave the city.  And if you believe that, then you’re not an Uber Driver yet, otherwise you’d know right off the bat… that was a lie. I drive between Providence, RI all the way up to parts of New Hampshire.  I’ve driven out in Cape Cod as well as further west out to Worcester.

My full time job… well, my real job… no.  The non-uber job that I have had for the last 6 years is a position as a Senior Network Engineer at Celera Networks in Boston, MA.  I started driving for Uber back in May of 2015.  I started driving for Uber because me and my family encountered a major hardship with the aftermath of our house burning down.  There was almost no way to get out of the debt hole.  We were basically on a 15 year pay-off plan… and that is if our house didn’t get taken away first.

I started driving for Uber because I really like to drive and I like to help people.  Every day, I drive for Uber and I know that I made that person feel a little bit better (and in some cases, drastically much better) than they did before they had an Uber ride with me.

We turned it into a family thing now… my wife drives for Uber as well.  It’s great having that competitiveness and support system between us to pat each other on the back when we’ve had a $50+ hour or a ridiculously long ride.  I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of my fantastic wife being by my side through the ups and downs of our hardship and helping us find a way to get out of it with the idea of driving for Uber.

I started this website and the whole Uber Cowboy thing because it’s a fantastic way to help people understand that benefits of Uber from the rider and the driver perspective.  And in turn, I may motivate some people to drive or ride for Uber if they never have before, and maybe, I’ll get lucky enough that they even use my referral code and I get to make a little bit of extra money with that as well.


Thanks for visiting UberCowboy.com.  I hope your stay is beneficial and you’re able to learn at least a thing or two about the whole system that maybe you never realized or ever thought of.

-Uber Cowboy